Test Information.

Upcoming Test Session:

Friday, March 8th, 2024
at 9:15 am- 2:00 pm

Registration Opens
To Full and Associate members on Monday, 2/19/2024 at 6:00 pm
To Non-members on Monday, 2/26/2024 at 6:00 pm

Please register through the link to Entryeeze:

Registration closes automatically as soon as all slots are full

**Due to limited capacity, we will only accept ONE TEST for each skater.

**Be fully committed to take your test at ANY TIME during the test session before you register.


1. The test fees are non-refundable and not returned if tests are not taken, including contingent tests. In the case of illness or injury, you need to provide a doctor’s note and we will forward the test fee to the next test session. Requests to withdrawal or switch to the following test session without paying the fees again will be considered one time only if the request is received at least 2 weeks prior to the test date.

2. Full and associate members of Columbia Figure Skating Club receive priority for test sessions, however please be aware that they are not guaranteed to be tested depending upon availability of qualified judges and ice time. All others (including CFSC member who do not register on time) are first come, first served. Late registrations will be accepted if space allows and at the discretion of the test chair.

3. All skaters/ or parents must download the CFSC “LIABILITY WAIVER & INFORMATION ACKNOWLEDGMENT” form and return the signed form to the test chair before taking test.

4. CFSC and the Columbia Ice Rink are hosting test sessions under new guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. You will receive the updated CFSC COVID-19 Protocol before your test date.

5. The test schedule will be created by the CFSC test team one week before the test date and emailed to all parents/skaters and coaches at the email address provided on the registration.

6. When you register for a test, you are committing to test at any time during the session. After the test schedule is posted, no time changes will be permitted. Any personal requests for specific times should be submitted to the test Chair at least 2 weeks before the test date; but please be aware that we CAN NOT guaranteed a specific time because it is always difficult and complex to make the schedule around judging availability, constraints of ice time and other resources. Thank you for your understanding and support.

7. On the test day, please arrive at the rink for your test at least 45 min prior to your scheduled warmup time. If you are unable to attend the test session on the testing day, please notify the test chair as soon as possible.

8. Our ability to offer dance tests is dependent upon availability of qualified judges. Please contact the test chair to determine if dance tests can be accommodated. On the test day, skaters or the skaters’ coach will need to bring their own music for the tests because CFSC does not provide dance test music.

Instruction for obtaining Letter of Permission

To test outside of the home club, you need to download the CFSC Permission Letter and have the test chair sign the form for each test that you take. It is skater’s responsibility to obtain and provide the Permission Letter to the test chair away from the home club. If you are not a CFSC member, you must provide a Permission Letter from your home club in order to test at CFSC.

IJS Protocol for Test Credit

“For some tests, skaters have the ability to use IJS protocols results from competitions to record as an official test record. Skaters are required to submit the necessary forms to the test chair of their club and follow the procedures put forth by the club for submission and payment. The test chair will enter the test for the skater’s official record.” -- USFSA

IJS Test Credit Requirements

In accordance with USFS Rules TR 3.00, 4.01 and 4.02, skaters may receive credit for meeting minimum scores at any competition held under the International Judge System (IJS). The skaters must “SKATE-UP” to the event they are seeking test credit for, in addition to having already passed any prerequisites prior to the competition event.

Events Eligible:

Singles Free Skate: Open Juvenile, Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior, Senior and Adult Gold
Pairs Free Skate:Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior and Senior
Free Dance:Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior and Senior

For skaters that have decided to submit IJS protocol (results) from a competition, the following documents will be required to enter and submit the test.

1. A copy of the overall event results, that lists all of the skaters, in addition to the names of the Technical Controller and Event Referee. This is to prove the skater actually skated in the event.

2. Your individual protocol/ detailed judges’ scores sheet.

3. Your Test Credit Skater Report, generated by the accountant. This has your name, your scores and verifies you achieved a passing result.

4. Statement (letter) from skater’s coach verifying that the above documents are true and valid. The coach may write their own statement or download the CFSC IJS Protocol for Test Credit Request Form which they can simply sign.

5. Submit all documents above to your club’s Test Chair, along with the appropriate payment and request that the club records your test through the Members Only program.

IMPORTANT: Before you leave the competition, please check your packet and be sure you have ALL three of the correct documents (1 - 3). If you do not, please ask to speak with the Accountant to obtain them.

Testing Fees

To view fees in advance, please click here. Please note: Fees are subject to change without notice. Test fees listed on the Entryeeze Registration site are the official fees.

Trial Judging

Trial judges are welcome to judge at CFSC test sessions. Please email the test chair of CFSC prior to attending.

Contact Information
If you have any questions about the CFSC test sessions, please email the CFSC Test Chair Becki Miller at cfsctesting@gmail.com

Download the CFSC Testing Fees.
Download the CFSC Permission Letter
Download the IJS Test Credit Form for Coaches & Skaters
Download the Liability Waiver